Granite Man 2015

Nicky and Grant at Granite Man 2015

Nicky and Grant at Granite Man 2015

Nicky and Grant at Granite Man 2015

Swim-1st Tri Club Head Coach Grant Mansfield and Swim-1st Tri Club Triathlete Nicky Wilson took on the fun...grueling task that is Granite Man in Guernsey. This is a half iron distance race made up of 1.9km Swim, 90km Bike and a half marathon 21.1km Run! A brilliant effort from both, here is Nicky's report:

It was over a year ago Grant suggested we should enter Granite Man and at the time I thought it was a great idea! I must admit I had a few wobbles in self confidence in past year as to whether I could do it - especially the swim leg. 

Come the morning of the big day we racked our bikes in the dark then headed to the race briefing, overlooking a grey and uninviting Pembroke bay - location of the sea swim. 

For me the swim didn't feel like it went very well, it was a scrum at the start and I felt like I was fighting the current. In fact the last 20m was a killer. As to exit, we had to swim towards some steps positioned in a WW2 sea defense wall. The backwash from the waves made it feel like you were swimming in an endless pool! 

Still, as soon as I looked down at my watch I was astonished to see a time of 29mins - a huge PB for me. 

I headed out on the bike feeling a lot more relaxed and tried to get into a rhythm and maintain my target pace. The ride was a spectacular route along the coastline. Tight and twisty yet still fast with a nice road surface. At times it felt like riding the Isle of Man TT! 

My game plan was to hit a target pace and not kill my legs to leave them fresh (ish!) for the run as this is my best discipline. 

As I came into transition Gemma came running up to me to say I think you're currently 18th! - I was like, you're joking?! 

Anyway, out onto the run and the sun was now out and it was getting really quite hot. But my legs felt quite good and I soon closed down a few of the competitors. All was going well but after the 15km mark my hamstrings were starting to tighten. My pace slowed a little but nobody caught me. I crossed the line in a time of 4hrs 54mins - 10th overall. 

I've got to say I'm really pleased with the result and my time. It was my first attempt at this distance and I surpassed my own targets on each of the legs. 

Thanks to Grant for all his coaching and mentoring and to Lee for the last min swim tips the week before - it must have worked!