Lane Etiquette

Lane Etiquette - The 8 simple rules

1.   Speed, lanes are normally allocated by speed order which can change depending who and how many are attending the session.

2.   Lane direction, in order to minimise collisions lanes will have either clockwise or anticlockwise swimming direction which alternating per lane. When swimming keep to the side of the lane between the line on the floor and the lane rope.  

3.   Judge the lane speeds for which lane suits you. If you are getting passed frequently then drop down a lane so you can keep more of a rhythm in your swimming. If you are passing swimmers frequently then ask the coach to move up so you can continue to push.

4.   Communication, chat to your fellow team mates to make sure you are all seeding yourself in speed order. Explain the lane etiquette to anyone new and always be polite.

5.   Tap the toes, if you catch the person in front of you so they know that you wish to pass. If you have been tapped on the toes, move to the side at the end of the lane and let the person pass.

6.   Different speeds for different strokes and drills. If you’re a slower kicker or maybe faster at the pull then seed yourself accordingly.

7.   Don’t tickle their toes straight away! If you touch the swimmer in front straight after the glide at the start it means you haven’t given them enough of a head start. 5-10 seconds should do it.

8.   Move to the side. When stopping or resting at the wall make sure you move to the side/corner so your team mates can finish their lengths and touch the wall to finish too.

Happy swimming